Tuesday, May 31, 2005

That's crusher with a K...

People talk about "split personalities" like it's a bad thing. Where did that idea ever come from? Yes, yes, I suppose there are a few bad apples out there, but for me, Krusher is quite a handy alter-ego to have. Krusher isn't nearly as lazy as I am, and she isn't as picky about how tasty food is. She loves the smell of the gym locker room and doesn't even mind being sore after workouts. Of course, Krusher and the shoe cow don't have much in common, but isn't that what makes life interesting? And speaking of shoes...

I recently saw a movie that makes me think I should re-think the needless hoarding of the shoe cow. It's called The Corporation. It's a documentary that basically shows how corporations in America and elsewhere have managed to ruin life as we used to know it. It points out some fascinating tid-bits, for instance... did you know that a corporation is a legal person? And that many corporations own the rights to the maps of actual human genes? And that corporations in America have virtually no reason to exist other than to make money and have no ethical, moral or legal responsibility to replenish the resources they take from the earth or to care for any species including us humans? It really made me think. You can't change the world in one day, but I think it's time to take the blinders off and start trying to join in efforts existing to make the world a cleaner, safer and nicer place. And I think that means buying less shoes... :(


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Saw your post about the Corporation and thought you might find this useful.


Should we REFORM, REGULATE or REWRITE the corporation? Join the debate!

The online collaborative Corporation Rethink Debate is part of an ongoing House Party Campaign built around the DVD release of the hit film The Corporation. Since the beginning of April, people across North America have been partying with a purpose: to strategize solutions and activate a public confronted by an increasingly corporation-dominated world. Not to mention, have a little fun on the side…

On May 7, 2005, over 1,800 people logged in to watch the live webcast of the first “official” debate with special guests L. Hunter Lovins (Natural Capitalism - REFORM), Joel Bakan (author of The Corporation - REGULATE) and Jeff Milchen (Reclaim Democracy - REWRITE). But the debate goes on and we really want your feedback around the issues and the three "R”s, even if this is the first time you’re hearing about it. All the information collected will be used to formulate a Framework for Action document on Corporate Harm Reduction and to fuel future campaigns. We need your input to ensure the campaign makes the biggest impact it can and action translates into results!

The Corporation House Party Campaign is the brainchild of Good Company Communications, the grassroots organizer of the film, and is sponsored by Amnesty International USA and Polaris Institute in Canada. The campaign is kicking off the launch of the HelloCoolWorld.com network to inform, organize and mobilize people around issues they care about, and provide DIY tools for activists, artists and makers of media. Membership is free and allows you to choose the kind of independent socially conscious projects you want to hear about and get access to all the cool materials we've assembled. By joining, you will help build the foundation for a truly collaborative movement and shape the direction we’re heading in.

The merchandise side of the network is HelloCoolStuff.com where we are trying to promote a new kind of shopping that focuses on the issues and ideas underneath the packaging. It’s called “Think-buying” and our goals are no less than to inspire social change and to help customers know where, what and to whom their money is going. It’s all part of our quest to supply the demand – your demand – for a cooler world.

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