Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kaiser Permanente Rocks

it's 3 am. i have not slept in 2 days. fever started 3 days ago. still comes and goes. tried emergency room - 4 hour wait in an emergency room chair? too sick. but now i wish i'd stayed. doctors wouldn't see me until I called 6 times and BEGGED for an appt. which isn't for another several hours. and what's the big problem? sore throat. they keep telling me "gargle with salt water". i could shoot them all. i have gargled with chloraseptic, cepacol, lidocaine, saltwater, hot tea & ice cubes. i wrapped an ice pack around my throat. i have tried codiene, darvocet, tylenol and advil (not all at once). and NOTHING is helping at all. it's not normal. just desperate and venting. i want my mommy.


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