Monday, July 16, 2007


Today I am reminded of the unpleasant experience of going through a divorce. I guess it's been about 6 yrs (?) or so since "signing the papers", and I really don't think about it much. But the law offices that possess the files are doing some purging and it seems I have to jump through some hoops to get copies before they erase my file forever. Should I let them burn it? Maybe it would be like getting an it never happened (the entire debacle)- and that would be cool. But knowing my fortunes, it would just look like I never got divorced and whoa-whoa-we-wow, that could be bad. Ranging on a scale anywhere from Seinfeld funny big-salad bad or JFK bad. I don't think i want to find out. My ex is from Bangladesh....and couldn't you just see it? - "Ma'am, it says here you got married to this here man, and sez also you ain't been divorced, so you gonna have ta suck it up and get on that there plane..." AAAAAGHGHHGAAA!!!!!! :)

I promise more shoes are coming. I have been soooo busy, I don't even have time to answer all my myspace messages! plus, I'm going camping again next weekend, so hang in there - shoes are coming!


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