Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Monumental Tasks

Ya ever get the grandiose idea that you can sing even though your own cat runs from you while you're having a go at it in the shower? Or that you'd be a brilliant painter after watching one of those Saturday morning instructional shows? Or maybe you sometimes get the notion that you could be the next gazillionare businessman after a particularly satisfying bout of balancing the checkbook? But most of the time you realize that American Idol isn't knocking down your door, you don't own a paintbrush, and you're broke again the very next week because instead of saving your dough, you blew it on expensive shoes? What ever made me think learning Italian would be a breeze? I started my 2nd round of Italian classes tonight and whoo, daddy! I'm starting to think that it may actually require some seriously hard work. But you know what? Pablo Picasso and Donald Trump had to start somewhere, right? Although, I have to say that were I a cat, *I* would run from Kelly Clarkson.
***We had a trivia question at work today. It was: Who did Aaron Burr shoot in the famous duel? My favorite answer given: Bigfoot


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alexander Hamilton, of quartz!

"May the Swartz be with you" -SpaceBalls

11:46 AM  

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