Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick & Dirty Update

So, it's been 68 days (and counting) without a smoke. Pretty crazy. And I've been remiss in my blogging because I've gotten all swept up in this running "thing" since the Half-Marathon - it was the Trail of Two Cities in Fresno by the way (Irene). My running partner in crime, Mrs. Z and I have already signed up for the upcoming Turkey Trot and are probably going to sign up for a 2-mile midnight run New Year's Eve in Sacramento. I was so proud of myself because I beat my best time on the treadmill the other night - 31 minutes for 5k BUT THEN this morning we went out-of-doors again and somehow I ended up on the side of the trail with horrible abdominal pain and sissy tears. After the pain subsided, I was able to keep going, but I was pretty mad at myself nonetheless. After all that (and a hearty breakfast) I decided to go shoe shopping. Don't get too excited, it wasn't THAT kind of shoe shopping. It was for some super awesome running shoes (more on those later). While I was at the running store, I signed up for the local running club. So I'm pretty excited, because I have NO idea how to train for running at all or how to work it in with the weightlifting stuff, so I think the club will be pretty helpful. And I think that for the rest of what's left of this year, I'll remain somewhat unorganized about reporting the work-outs/training stuff, but in 2007, I'm gonna log everything and hopefully report back here with # of miles run per week, # of weight days, etc....And maybe we'll see what it all does to the body fat. Also, today I broke a nail and am sooooo mad. So I'd like to add 2 more items to my Christmas wish list:
1. My missing nail
2. The Garmin Forerunner 305 (pictured)...I neeeeed it!


Blogger Robert D. said...

What pray tell is THAT kind of shoe shopping? Isn't it all THAT kind? Really, be honest...(grin)

4:36 PM  
Blogger fuzzyelf said...

oh you sly fox, I'm starting to realize you have a shoe problem too....

8:41 PM  

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