Sunday, April 16, 2006

Q & A

I won't bother giving you my excuses this time, let's just move forward, shall we?
Ok, here's some e-mail questions I've been saving up for a while....

Q: From a recent comment, " It could be me, but an occasional picture of those comfy feet in the shoe of the week would be pretty nice too."
A: I've actually had a lot of people ask me why I don't show my feet. Hey, it's weird enough that I pose my shoes around the house and snap photos of them. I'd actually have to involve some other poor soul in my madness. "Please, can you take pictures of my feet in these awesome shoes so I can post them on my blog?" Ok...ya talked me into it, I'll see what I can do. I have no shame.

Q: Have you given up on Body for Life?
A: No, not exactly. BFL is such a wonderful starting point. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to lose weight or get fit or build muscle or feel better. But like any fitness plan, you have to change things up so ya don't stagnate. I will continue to rely on the basics of BFL, but I doubt I'll do another regular BFL "challenge".

Q: What's your favorite shoe for cardio workouts?
A: I hate to say it, but I've been wearing the same pair of ill-fitting New Balance for a while. No tennis shoe is ever a great fit for me (I think it's because of my impressive width), but the New Balance seem to be the most comfortable.

Q: Who is P. McCready?
A: Your guess is as good as mine. Honest.

Q: How are your eyebrows?
A: I'm glad to report they are full and bushy!

Q: Why Italian?
A: I'm actually Jewish, German & French, so I sounds puurty?


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