Thursday, June 15, 2006

Top Picks

I only have one top pick for this month and it's the latest CD from Mary J. Blige - The Breakthrough. I've not been a fan of hers in the past, and I'm not particularly into hip-hop R&B....BUT..if you haven't heard the CD, you should. It's some of the best produced, written and performed music I've heard in a long time. And I don't get all that excited about music. I'm not one of those people that has an IPod or owns 500 CD' fact, I probably only have about 30 or 40. Basically, I'm a U2, The Cure, Dave Mathews Band fan. Come to think of it, I've seen Dave and U2 in concert, so now I still need to see The Cure, Andrea Boccelli, and Mary J. You have to have goals. Speaking of Bono...On the new MJB CD, there's a sort-of duet with him, singing "One". When I first saw it coming, I was like, "No, no, Mary, don't do it!" But you know what? It's pretty darn good. And since it's different from the original, I can actually listen to the song again without all the baggage. At least it's easier, anyway. And don't be tellin' me ya'll don't have a "One" story...I think we all do...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this album! Thanks for recommending it. I agree with you about the song One. It is a really good remake. You have a really good site too.

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