Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Day 80/84 BFL C1

That's right...only 4 days left until my 12 weeks are up! So how was my day? Well, I got up early, went to gym and blasted on the upper body a bit. Since I was so lazy last week, I wasn't able to lift my usual 14 tons (ie: 40lbs dumbell chest press), but it was still an impressive show nonetheless. I expect to be sore...pain is just weakness leaving the body and all that. Then I went work at the hospital. While on break there (eating my 4th meal of the day), I saw a snippet of today's Oprah...she had Valentino on the show. There were lot's of pictures of his 5 mansions and many other evidences of his great loot. Am I supposed to care? Am I not supposed to be horrified that all my Vogue-reading and shoe-shopping add to his already fat wallet? Or am I actually supposed to be filled with joy when Halle Berry thanks him for his achievements in fashion? I'm a consumer whore just like everybody else, but there should be limits don't you think? A 20,000 dollar dress is just unnecessary especially when our government is busy burning up my Medicare fund off the coast of Cuba...I digress, then I came home, ate again, went shopping, came home again and here I am. Pretty mundane day for the most part. Tomorrow? Cardio!


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