Sunday, July 03, 2005

Day 85/84 BFL C1

Well, folks, it's over, I did it! I am finished with my first 12 week Body for Life challenge. I intended to post this yesterday, but the squirrels ate my keyboard. So how did I do?
Lets review...

Starting stats:
5 ft tall
130 lbs
BMI - 25 (overweight)
Body fat - 30%
Thighs - 23 in
Waist - 32 in
Hips - 38 in
Main Goals:
Lose 10 lbs of fat & gain 5 lbs muscle
go from 30% body fat to 18%
Get a 26 in waist
Quit smoking
Still 5 ft tall
116 lbs
BMI - 22.7 (normal)
Body fat - 24.4%
Thighs - 21 in
Waist - 27.5
Hips - 35.5
...still smoking :(
  • missed 12 out of 36 planned cardio sessions (ouch...and thank you, PMS monster)
  • missed 3 out of 18 planned lower body workouts (my least favorite thing to do)
  • missed 2 out of 18 planned upper body workouts

To sum up, I lost 4 1/2 inches from my waist!!!, 2 inches from each thigh, and 2 1/2 inches from the hips...I lost 14 lbs. I actually didn't "lose" the weight, I used it as krusher fuel against my worthless enemies :) Can you imagine what I could have done had I not missed any workouts? Awesome to the max. A note about the body fat (BF) results: You see, I was an idiot and didn't get a proper body fat test done. Either at the start or the finish. If the numbers above are correct, then it would mean that I have lost 11 lbs of fat, as well as, 3 lbs of muscle. There is no way. None. You see, when I started this program, I was bench pressing 6 lbs (what a wimp), and doing 12 lb leg, I can bench press 50 lbs and do 80 lb leg extensions. These are just a few're gonna tell me I lost muscle? No way, buddy. So why are my BF numbers so inaccurate? I was unable to find anyone in this whole entire town to test my BF with calipers (considered the most accurate measure), so I went to my gym and used their Omron Analyzer. It was all I had, but I actually felt that the 30% start number was pretty close to the truth since I *had* gotten caliper readings a couple of years ago and had a pretty good idea of where I was at. (Yes, for all you grammar freaks: I *like* ending sentences with prepositions) But when I got the 24.4% reading and crunched the numbers, I realized that Skwigg was right all along. The Omron should be called The Moron. Check out her article on the subject. So, needless to say, this krusher is ordering her own calipers for the next challenge. That's right, you heard me...the next challenge will start shortly after I return from my vacation (TBA). And whether or not these numbers change much, alls I know is, I'm wearing old clothes I never thought I'd see again, I feel so much better (& waaaay stronger), and I look great (if I do say so myself)...and how you feel is all that really matters. Be on the look-out for updated challenge photos coming soon! Also, I want to thank every one who helped (and continues to help) support me in this endeavor: Bootsy McClure for the krusher moniker, my family (who are also awesome to the max), the ladies at the Body for Life Women's group, D, for providing me a link to Skwigg's site (which is how this all started), my co-workers, and the tax service I used who gave me a free trial membership to Bally's to get me started. Have a great day to all!


Blogger Beautiful Girl said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so proud of you, you look great! And your blog is awesome. Call me when you get back from vacation!


3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:10 AM  
Blogger fuzzyelf said...

tanks, anonymous, I shall add the link to my "links" list - looks like a good site!

12:09 PM  

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