Saturday, July 23, 2005

"There's worse things than being centrist, honey..." #3

So, I've recently seen some movies: Tears of the Sun, Sometimes in April and Hotel's kinda sad that it takes a Hollywood movie to inform some people, but I guess it's better than nothin'. All these movies are about the Tutsi-Hutu conflict in Rwanda back in '94. (Not that long ago). It seems that the general consensus (especially among my age group) is that we (America) should have done more to stop the genocide. But that's easy to say after the fact. I've noticed that people love to complain that America is always meddling with other countries when they shouldn't or that America should go in and help when things get bad. So how is the government supposed to act? Should they barge in and "lay down the law" in these countries, especially when they aren't seeking our help? Or should we sit back and let our fellow humans hack each other up? I certainly don't have all the answers...Did anyone ever imagine that Rwanda would get so bad? Surely not...but who knows? Apparently the same (if not worse) thing is happening in a place called Darfur. It boggles the mind that something like this is going on RIGHT NOW. Want more info? Wanna help? Try these 2 links: Save Darfur & Darfur Eyewitness


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