Thursday, January 12, 2006

What I Did on my Christmas Vacation Part 2 Alternate Title: Recipe of the Week

Mole Jerky

To prepare mole jerky, you will need: 2lbs turkey meat, marinating juices (your choice), a dehydrator, adventurous family members or friends, a small shovel, and 1 axe (substitute pitch fork)

First prepare turkey jerky (find some other nut's website for that recipe).
Next, dig several small holes in the front lawn using your shovel. In one of the holes, place the axe or pitchfork into the ground thereby creating a sense of finality to the "hunt". Next, invite your friends and family members over to try out your new jerky recipe. Make sure they park their cars in view of the crime scene. I think you see where we're going with this....

If I told you the rest, I'd have to kill you - secret family recipe!
Again, Happy New Year!


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