Monday, October 02, 2006

Team Fuzzy Update

1. Haven't smoked in 4 weeks, people!
2. Haven't eaten real healthy either. Seems there's alot of chocolate wrappers lazing about the house.
3. Haven't worked out much.
4. 2 + 3= weight gain. argggh.

SO, it's time for me to stop the pity party and get on with it. Gotta start a new work-out program tomorrow and say goodbye to the Hershey's. After all, I still have the pull-up contest and the marathon thing coming up. But for tonight, I think I'll have one last chocolate blow-out while I watch Heroes. And speaking of TV shows...where the heck is Gillian from the Biggest Loser?!?


Blogger Alex said...

"Where the hell is Gillian?" was my exact question! I really don't enjoy watching the show anymore now! for the chocolate, if you find a way to say goodbye, do let me know! Lately, not a day goes by without some chocolate...

5:13 AM  

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