Monday, July 25, 2005

Update: The Battle with my Bulge

So, I finished my 1st 12 week Body for Life what? Well, I only kind of half way kept it up during my vacation - not too bad. But now, I'm just being plain lazy. I'm not "officially" starting my next challenge until I get the calipers I just ordered (so as to get an accurate body fat measurement). So, I'm kinda in limbo. My weight hasn't changed (116), but I feel the ole' belly creeping up. I'm certain, I've lost some muscle and gained some, tomorrow morning begins what I shall call "Fuzzy E's Pre-Mini-Sorta-BFL Challenge #1 & 1/2". It's intended to serve as a maintenance program until the next challenge in which I intend to "kick it up a notch" - and actually enter the contest. All I'm gonna do is run, run, run 'fast as I can and work on the abs...So, wish me luck and less laziness...Have a healthy day!


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