Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Guest Reader Shoes #2

Hey, here's proof that some men read my blog. Or maybe it's just further proof that men are crazy - but in a good way. But not as crazy as women are - in a whacked way. Um...insert chirping cricket sound... anyway.... here's a great bunch of shoe pics sent in by my buddy, Rob. Notice his shoes are way, way up in the air? Well, be on the look out, because I'll be running a 3 part series from him - it's all about the health benefits of paragliding! Neat. How's that for "mixin' it up" in your work-out routine?


Blogger Robert D. said...

Neat! Who would have thunk it? Good job on the 4 1/2 weeks fuzzy!
Keep it (and those feet) up. (pun intended)...

4:07 AM  

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