Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jury duty

So...I guess I'm allowed to spill the beans now that it's over, but I was about 1 inch away from being put on this jury for a major news story cop-killin'. I was sweatin' - I've never been called to service before and here I get a murder trail, one that the judge said could last 'til way past Christmas. I was like, WHAT?!?! The whole process was fascinating, and I would love to do my civic duty and all, but my job only pays for 3 days worth of jury duty....makes me wonder what kind of folk end up on these type of juries. Anyway, after jerking me around several times, they finally called and said they didn't need me. Apparently right in the middle of the selection process, his smooth-talkin' lawyers got him declared unfit for trail. The worst part of the whole experience? The damn smokers (again - sorry for the expletive) that were hanging around outside the courthouse and other federal buildings that were involved in my big adventure. I don't know anyone that smokes, I don't go anywhere that people smoke, etc. You get the idea. So in my smoking class, when they said "Don't go where people smoke," I was like, "No problemo!" And where do I find myself? Forced by law to be in the presence of smokers. Apparently it's illegal to smoke anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE) in California EXCEPT outside the buildings where such laws are made. Grrrr, to say the least. I'm rambling now....Sorry for the bad grammar and typos. I'm tired. And lazy. And very tired. Did I say tired?


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