Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oh, my poor sore abs....

My midsection is hurting from a particularly nasty ab workout (and from having too much fun at a recent wedding - we'll call it a free day :)) I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Me, I'm gearing up for a renewed workout and taking it easy today, but I thought I'd post to say: For goodness sakes, send me an e mail :) Let me know about topics you'd like to see discussed or send me a recipe. I'd like to start up my "Guest essay of the week" spot, so if you'd like to submit a short rant on your body-building experience or, of course, shoes, I'd love to hear from you. Since I am also considering adding martial arts into my training regimen, I love to hear from those of you who are doing the same. Have a great day to all!

e mail me!


Anonymous Honeybear said...

I've got this gorgeous, thin girlfriend who I've been recently working out for and I have been feeling very good. However, this amazingly beautiful woman now thinks she's out of shape and has started riding her bike. Just when I was hoping to gain some ground on her, she's gonna leave me in the dust again. I am happy with the big picture though, knowing both of us are goal-oriented in health issues. I like to think that we will live a long healthy life together!

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