Tuesday, October 31, 2006

E-mail Q & A

Q: What happened to "Recipe of the Week"? It was my favorite.
A: I've not been trying alot of new things lately. I've been a lazy eater, but I'll try harder. It helps when you guys send new material too :)

Q: Are you going to post more fitness pictures of yourself soon?
A: Prolly not till after the holidays. Yowch!

Q: What's the deal with P McCready?
A: I get this question alot. The answer is: I wish I knew.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Achtung Baby!

Apparently, running 3 miles once is no guarantee that you can do it again, but in my defense, I did stay up too late and had a wee bit of sauce last night. Then, of course, there was my not-so-healthy breakfast...Tomorrow is another day though! At least I went to the gym right?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Powered Paragliding by Rob Part 1 of 3

As promised, here's my good buddy Rob on the topic of Powered Paragliding...

The health benefits of powered paragliding:
When one takes a moment to look at the topic for discussion today one would have to think that powered paragliding is the end all, be all when it comes to fitness and enjoyment of extreme sports. After all, where else can one parachute from the ground up, instead of the air down, yank and crank with the best of them, all while wearing a 40-70 pound motor and associated gear? True, there is a level of fitness needed, but it’s no where near the level one might think when seeing the sport in action. Speaking of seeing the sport in action, you should take a moment and look here to do just that: http://valkingvideoblog5.blogspot.com/
What you’ll find is a short film I shot at the 2005 National Powered Paragliding Convention in Polk City Florida. It shows a fair bit of taking off and landing and how the weekend of the convention, everywhere you looked; you saw a paraglider and pilot.
But really though, don’t let me go on and on and on about how wonderful the powered paraglider is, how it is the most enjoyable, best handling, absolute coolest way in the world to fly. We all know that already. Don’t get me started about how affordable they are, how they cost less than your average performance street bike (motorcycle), drink gas like a moped, or any of the dozens of other reasons why you should own one immediately. Instead, let’s talk about flying one. Not the nuts and bolts of how to fly one, but the “what does it compare to” of flying one.
We’ll have to start with the assumption that everyone knows what amusement parks are. If you don’t, go right now and Google “Six Flags” We’ll have to assume that everyone knows what a roller-coaster is, a cable car is, and what that giant round swing set looking thing (http://www.huvipuisto.net/huvipuis/tampere/big_swing.jpg ), you know, hat swing that lets one or two dozen people start off sitting one behind another hanging from chains like a swing set and then slowly but surely rotates them until they’re spinning around like a record player (another item we’ll assume you know what it is) with centrifugal force pushing each rider out as if they were the tips of an umbrella extended to the open position, that one. One last addition, a shopping mall escalator (one that lets you see the mall as you go up and down)…
Powered paragliding isn’t each of these; it’s a piece from each of these. […and next week I’ll explain how]

Thanks to Rob! I love a story with pictures. Although I did ride one of those swing things at the fair just before the "stomach flu incident" and find I'm having flashbacks. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

On a personal note...

...I ran 3 miles in 37 minutes yesterday! Doesn't sound like much, but it's a huge deal for me, and I wasn't being chased by geriatric wolves or anything. Still smoke free (52 days or 7 weeks) - the real fun hasn't begun yet - I still have another week or so before I give up the patches. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm still reading physics books I don't understand. And while I didn't get too many comments on the high-speed Internet query, I think I've decided to go with DSL - apparently it's cheaper than the dial-up I'm using. Curses! Foiled again!

Shoe of the Week - Issue #27

This is the "Gyano" by Nine West. I'd love to know how they name some of these shoes. Anyway, I'm afraid I have quite alot of Nine West coming up soon. Why? I have more Nine West shoes than any other label. They fit me well and they are relatively cheap. Especially when you live really close to the outlet store! Sad to say I have never worn these out and about, and I've had them since January 2005. I just haven't had the ball bearings to wear them yet. But I will, have no fear. So for now, they remain unrated. Happy shoe-hunting!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Taking off for a few days...

...Fuzzy Fitness will be back Thursday, October 26th!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feeling better...

Today I finally feel normal. I guess this means I'm going to have to start working out again! So anyway....I'm contemplating a high speed Internet connection. What kind should I get? Leave a comment with your thoughts, readers. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. And more shoes next week, I promise!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Team Fuzzy Update

6 weeks without a smoke. I only thought I was crazy before. You'd think it would get easier, and it does, but every now and then it slaps you in the face. Like when you're stuck at home sick and bored. Anyway, just lettin' ya know I'm still hangin' in there.

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Christmas Wish List/Things That Make Me Vomit

As is my custom when lying about the house in a sick, feverish haze, I watched Oprah today. If you didn't see it or hear about it, let me tell you. The show featured the bee's knees himself, Bono (yum yum), and they were promoting this "Red" campaign to end AIDS in Africa. It's all about buying stuff that has some proceeds going to pay for meds in Africa. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Check out the above links (and the following ones) for more cool info. SOOO, one of the cool things is this red iPod nano, which I intend to purchase very shortly with all my quit smoking money. I can justify the purchase because of all the people it will help AND I need it for all my running/cardio. Then again, I may give it as a gift....who knows. It's a win-win situation either way. ANYWAY, all this leads me to my Christmas wish list:
1. World peace. Or at least an end to the stupid war that Bush has gotten us into.
2. More time with the folks.
3. The OTHER most AWESOME, super-cool, want-it-so-bad-I-could-puke, NEW, encore edition of the U2 iPod!!! I haven't the words...
4. Christian Dior sunglasses that I can't afford and would never buy 'cause they cost too much but look soooo good on me :) (brown/pink, please or the gold/brown or both!) (more puking)
5. Tickle Me Elmo TMX - it's your fault for telling me about it, Dad
6. More Shoes!!!
7. A new sound card...
8. ...a new video card...
9. ...basically, a complete computer overhaul and high speed connect.
10. (left blank for later addition of stuff I want so bad I could puke)
11.The Sex and the City DVD box set, sorry Mom and Dad (hanging head in shame)
12. And, oh, yeah, an end to my endless health issues.

Yes, it's mostly a selfish list. But I'm sick. And it's only wishes! Please send all wish-list items through my email contact. Except for my folks - they like to make their own travel plans.

By the way, for those of you considering the getting the stomach flu, I must advise against it. But I should tell you that if you go ahead with your crazy scheme, DO NOT under any circumstances think that - if you have IV morphine, compazine, Immodium AD, and Darvacet over the course of 2-3 days - you will ever "go" again. If you don't know what I mean by "go", I can't help you.

oh! and happy friday the 13th.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Stomach flu does not rock. Been in the hospital, etc...will be back on-line in a couple of days.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Team Fuzzy Update

Tomorrow will be 35 days (5 weeks) since quitting smoking. I *think* it's getting easier. Sometimes I still feel like I'm going bonkers from the whole thing, but all in all, I guess it's better. So, yeah for me. One thing...I haven't really felt that my lung capacity was any better, however, yesterday I noticed that I can run a heckuva lot longer without slowing down during cardio. Neat. Thanks to everyone for the continued support! Sometime next week I intend to sit down and write my review on the various pharmaceuticals that I used/am using for the smoking cessation. Should be interesting. Now I'm off to the "Big, big, big, big, biiiig Fresno Fair!"

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shoe of the Week - Issue #26

I luv luv luuuuv these shoes. I give you the "Christa" by Naturalizer. I was out looking to replace some work shoes in 2004, when I found these babies waiting for me in the clearance section of Macy's. I call them my lounge-lizard shoes. Unfortunately, I have never gotten on well with flat shoes because of my high arches, SO...despite my affections I can only give them 4 stars 'cause (for me) "these shoes ain't made for walkin."
Happy shoe-hunting!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jury duty

So...I guess I'm allowed to spill the beans now that it's over, but I was about 1 inch away from being put on this jury for a major news story cop-killin'. I was sweatin' - I've never been called to service before and here I get a murder trail, one that the judge said could last 'til way past Christmas. I was like, WHAT?!?! The whole process was fascinating, and I would love to do my civic duty and all, but my job only pays for 3 days worth of jury duty....makes me wonder what kind of folk end up on these type of juries. Anyway, after jerking me around several times, they finally called and said they didn't need me. Apparently right in the middle of the selection process, his smooth-talkin' lawyers got him declared unfit for trail. The worst part of the whole experience? The damn smokers (again - sorry for the expletive) that were hanging around outside the courthouse and other federal buildings that were involved in my big adventure. I don't know anyone that smokes, I don't go anywhere that people smoke, etc. You get the idea. So in my smoking class, when they said "Don't go where people smoke," I was like, "No problemo!" And where do I find myself? Forced by law to be in the presence of smokers. Apparently it's illegal to smoke anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE) in California EXCEPT outside the buildings where such laws are made. Grrrr, to say the least. I'm rambling now....Sorry for the bad grammar and typos. I'm tired. And lazy. And very tired. Did I say tired?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Guest Reader Shoes #2

Hey, here's proof that some men read my blog. Or maybe it's just further proof that men are crazy - but in a good way. But not as crazy as women are - in a whacked way. Um...insert chirping cricket sound... anyway.... here's a great bunch of shoe pics sent in by my buddy, Rob. Notice his shoes are way, way up in the air? Well, be on the look out, because I'll be running a 3 part series from him - it's all about the health benefits of paragliding! Neat. How's that for "mixin' it up" in your work-out routine?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Team Fuzzy Update

1. Haven't smoked in 4 weeks, people!
2. Haven't eaten real healthy either. Seems there's alot of chocolate wrappers lazing about the house.
3. Haven't worked out much.
4. 2 + 3= weight gain. argggh.

SO, it's time for me to stop the pity party and get on with it. Gotta start a new work-out program tomorrow and say goodbye to the Hershey's. After all, I still have the pull-up contest and the marathon thing coming up. But for tonight, I think I'll have one last chocolate blow-out while I watch Heroes. And speaking of TV shows...where the heck is Gillian from the Biggest Loser?!?