Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Home Sweet Home

I'm originally from Louisiana, so I'm posting some links to places where you will find info on how you can help with the relief effort there and in the other states, as well. Otherwise, I'm speechless.
Red Cross
Feed the Children
Other Links and tips on intelligent giving...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Body for Life Challenge 2 Day 2/84

I have *finally* started my 2nd challenge in earnest. I really pushed it hard yesterday with the Upper Body Workout, and all I can say is OUCH! Even my chin muscles are killing me from doing the "I'm Krusher, look at my weasel face" technique. (It's a must to have a game-face, you know.) And while the funds may not provide for it any time real soon, I have appointments at two of the local martial arts places to observe some classes. One place is Taekwondo and the other is Muaythai kickboxing. I almost signed up for an intro Eskrima class, but I chickened out for some reason...for all you martial arts fans, check out this blog (if you haven't already).
Well, for now I'm off to nurse my smarting muscles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, because in the words of a crazy guy I used to know: "Pain don't hurt!"

Saturday, August 27, 2005

"the firm"

In the latest issue of Vogue (I *am* a shoe cow) there's an article by Sally Singer (p.630) about this fitness plan she went on. After 10 weeks, she reports she lost 20 lbs. Apparently the program consists of intensive weight and cardio sessions with a personal trainer as well as home delivered meals which added up to (for her) 1800 calories a day. Am I crazy or does that not seem like much food? She makes it sound as though she was lifting and running her butt off, and never feeling hungry. I guess whatever works for you, right? I have NEVER counted calories in my life. Ever. But I have a feeling that I am eating more than 1800 a day. I've lost alot 'o weight, but maybe that's why I haven't shed the fat over my six pack. Maybe I should start counting. hmmmm....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Guest Essay #1

As I said a while back, I'd like to start a regular feature to spotlight the fitness achievements of others, so here is the first of many (I hope) installments of "Guest Essay"...This one comes from DeDe, a very nice gal I met on my Body for Life Women's Group...doesn't she look awesome?!? Way to go, DeDe! Very inspirational...

DeDe writes:

I started BFL after I watched a friend of mine, whom I’d seen struggle with her weight for many years, shed about 100 lbs and, more notably to me, keep it off for more than a year. I figured, if she could do it, then there’s no reason I couldn’t do it, too.

Unlike many people and against the advice of many health gurus, I didn’t really have a goal. I just wanted to get started. I’d been heavy my whole life so I didn’t even know what it meant to weigh 120 or even 140. I just knew I wanted to get slim. I started thinking about how life would be when I was thin… what I would be able to do, and how I would feel. I also had a little added incentive... I had just started at a new job and there was this man I had a total crush on. Each day on the treadmill or bicycle or stair-climber I would push myself to greater and greater intensities by fantasizing about how, once I got thin and fit and sexy, this man would not be able to resist me. Hey, whatever gets the job, eh?

It didn’t take long for my focus to switch from getting slim, to just continuing to feel great. It really is addictive.

The biggest hurdle for me was learning how to cook and prepare foods that a.) were fast and easy to prepare, b.) fit into my crazy schedule, and c.) were pleasing to my palette. The BFL website was good start, but then I found “The BodyArt Cookbook” by Tanya Mein. It really helped me think differently about how to prepare a week’s worth of meals in advance so that I could just grab and go. Since then, I’ve also discovered some other resources I now couldn’t live without: “Stella’s Kitchen” by Stella Juarez, and “Mrs. Bishwit’s Kitchen” by Joann Kabat.

This is my before and after... (see pic above)

I still have about 25 pounds and 14% bodyfat to go, but I feel great and know that this is definitely the life for me.

contact DeDe
and don't forget to drop me a line if you want to participate in "Guest Essay"

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

If only I had the dedication of a rodent....

I believe these pictures are public domain.
If I have put up something that is yours, let me know. I will give you credit or take it down.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Farewell, Old friend....

My blender died. It's not clear whether it was pushed or if it jumped willingly onto the cold hard floor where it met it's end. It was a good blender. Yes, the Cuisinart Smart-Power 7 speed Electronic blender with it's chrome base and 40 oz glass jar gave me many a delicious protein shake. It truly was (as the manual states) "the life of the party." But now, it's time to move on....I thought about replacing it with one of it's many brothers, but I chose instead to go with something I saw on an infomercial. For shame...but it wasn't just the infomercial that swayed me. A friend recommended it...plus it was on sale....what am I talking about? The Magic Bullet, of course! I've already used it for shakes, omelets and chopping veggies. This thing may not be as well made as my old blender, but for crying out loud, I can use it to make soups, pesto, muffins and all manner of yummy foods! And the best part...instead of glass, there is only lovely, unbreakable plastic. Happy eating everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2005

While I haven't been on a scale lately myself, this *is* pretty funny.
Click here.

And here's a link to a great Body for Life Success story.
Click here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Recipe of the Week

Here's a yummy sounding recipe that was posted on my Body for Life Women's Group forum...thanks, ladies!

Spicy Peach Salsa
2 large peaches, with skin, pitted and diced
1 large tomato, seeded and diced (I just use Romas you really don't need to seed)
1/4 cup finely diced red onion
2 TBSP lime juice
2 TBSP chopped fresh cilantro
1 TBSP minced jalapeno pepper with seeds

In a bowl, combine peaches, tomato, onion, lime juice, cilantro and
jalapeno. Season with salt to taste, and serve with tortilla chips (you
can make awesome pita chips by putting in oven until light brown and
crispy) or with grilled chicken or fish. Salsa can be made up to several
hours ahead and stored in refrigerator.

Makes 4 servings: 45 Calories, 1 g Protein, 11 g. Carbs, 0 g. Fat, 2 g.

Various Exercise Quizzes

I don't agree with all the answers on these quizzes, but like I said...quizzes are fun, no?
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3

Shoe of the Week - Issue #6

Here is my pitiful attempt at shoe photography (as promised) - I don't do my shoes justice. However, here you have a shot of my only pair of Coach brand footwear, the Anise. An indulgence, to be sure, but how could I resist the dark brown, kid suede pumps with red stitching? I am only human. They are a bit expensive, but comfortable, extremely well-made and very smart looking, SO...I give them 4 stars! Happy shoe-hunting! Posted by Picasa

Strapping Infirmity

Alas, I have been stricken! The first good doctor thought I had West Nile Virus (I didn't). The second concluded that I had/have a rather nasty sinus infection. Lovely. Antibiotics were administered after many missed days of work, and now I can report I am on the mend, but quite off the wagon. The BFL wagon, that is. Why not just move on with my life? Why start the challenge over? It has been said that I am "anal", and while this term is greatly misused, I believe, perhaps, at least the idea of it might actually be expressed of me. And so I sure don't want all those "bad " marks on my 84 day calendar. But also, I want to actually enter the contest this time. Having said all that, I am reluctant to say that because of being so sick and missing many workouts, I am forced to "start over" on a new Body for Life Challenge. Officially it should be this coming Sunday. I hope I am well enough. Wish me luck!
Can you tell I just finished reading "The Name of the Rose"?...ha!
Good day to all!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Cow Shoes

These pics were sent in by one of my regular readers with the tag line: "Stylish casual wear for the hirsute Shoe Cow." Too funny!


I've gotten a few e mail requests to re-print my before and afters and to include all 12 weeks in the back photos. I never put those out /bc of the poor picture quality, but here they are....

Reprint #2

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Just updated my links list with more fitness & exercise stuff. Just thought ya outta know :)

Recipe of the Week

While I generally only take my flaxseed in my Myoplex drinks, here's a way to use it on salad. Sorry I don't have the nutritional stats - I'm feeling rather lazy today. Enjoy!

1 large head romaine lettuce (chopped)
3 tbsp. natural apple cider vinegar
3 tbsp. Udo's cold-pressed oil
1/4 tsp. onion powder
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
All Purpose Seasoning to taste
1/4 tsp. salt-free seasoning

Just throw all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix. If you want a tad more fat, throw in some avocado. Need protein? Add some tuna, beans or sliced grilled chicken. Need more veggies? The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Q & A

Q: Are you also following the Eating for Life plan?
A: For me, the cookbook, Eating for Life by Bill Phillips, is a small adjunct to Body for Life. It has some wonderful recipes, but I only eat from it 2-3 times a week for night time meals only. The reason for this is that I generally tend to eat clean and simple. For instance two common meals for me are:
1) cottage cheese, apple, carrots
2) can o tuna, broccoli, banana
The recipes in BFL utilize things like sour cream, cheddar cheese, Butter Buds, etc...while all these things are low-fat, they aren't always the best choice for me. I get most of the fat I need from eating fish and taking flaxseed oil. BUT, the program is called Body FOR LIFE..it's the "for life" part that's important to note. And I find that most folks need more variety in their foods than I do.

Q: Do I have to use meal replacement or protein shakes to do Body for Life?
A: Definitely not. Shakes are a great way to save time, and I actually like them, myself. But if you have time to prepare real food instead, it's probably better for you. I like the Myoplex Lite Vanilla flavor :)

Q: Body for Life seems complicated, and I feel overwhelmed by all the information out there...
A: For newbies, I suggest just reading Body for Life and going "by the book." As you get into the program, you may want to join an on-line group that can help answer questions or offer suggestions on ways to "tweak" your program. Here's a good one for the ladies: Yahoo BFL Women's group. You can also e mail me with questions. If I don't know the answer, I'll try to find it for you :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Leaving Comments

I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting comments lately here, so I checked and there was, indeed, a problem with the set-up. I've fixed it now, so please feel free to post. And thanks for all the emails. I'll have a Q & A real soon :)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Body for Life Challenge 2 Day1/84

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days - I've been gearing up for today. Yes, I am back in the saddle! I started today with a pretty intense Upper Body workout, so I expect to be sore to the core very soon. I still have to finish writing my goals and taking all my measurements, and I'm stuck with the same bathing suit for my next set of before and after shots because I decided to spend the money on some workout supplies instead: I got a really cute purple and black jump rope and a VERY cute pink soccer ball with which to work on my balance and coordination. I still want to take some martial arts classes, but I've found I haven't had the time, yet, to check around the local gyms...I'd like to do some horseback riding to work my glutes, but frankly, I'm terrified of those giant beasties. So, I'll be posting progress updates, of course. And the Shoe of the Week will return! Just as soon as I get the pictures developed :)
Healthy Day to all!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some tips on how to save time doing Body for Life

1. Use paper plates and plastic cups. This is hell on the environment, but it does keep you from feeling like you are training for the "Great Dishathon".
2. Along those same lines, wash your blender immediately after using it. Trust me, protein shakes are crazy hard to clean from glass after it's been sitting.
3. Have 3-4 protein bars a week as meal replacements. Choose your bar wisely, grasshoppers.
4. Prepare tomorrows meals today. Or better yet, make a bunch of meals for the week and freeze 'em. If only *I* had a microwave. (Sigh)
5. Buy your own body fat testing equipment and learn how to use it.
6. Write down the exercises you plan to do for the week instead of right before you hit the gym - better yet, plan which ones you'll do for the next 4 weeks! (Always change you routine at least every 4 weeks)
7. Pay a REALLY hunky gal/guy to do all your shopping, cleaning, laundry and car service. Tell them not to forget the loin cloth! (In my dreams...)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some tips on how to save money doing Body for Life

1. Instead of buying the BFL book, check it out at the local library.
2. Shop for food in bulk (Sam's, Costco, etc.)
3. Compare supplement prices on the Internet and at local nutrition stores.
4. Shop local Goodwill stores for cheap workout clothes.
5. Hit the yard sales for blenders & microwaves.
6. Print journal pages from the BFL website in stead of buying the Success Journal (although I looove my Success journal)